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More Crops Per Drop: Conserving Armenia’s Water Resources Amidst a Changing Climate
Armenia faces severe water challenges due to climate change and needs immediate and long-term strategies to safeguard its water resources and ensure sustainable agriculture. A four-pronged approach is needed. Armenia is highly vulnerable to climate change. Temperatures increased 1.230C between 1929 to 2016, faster than the global average. From 1935 to 2016, precipitation fell by almost 9%. Water resources are vital with about 80% of the country’s crops requiring irrigation, and hydropowe...
2023-09-12 11:40:26
At the World Conference on Programming of the Green Climate Fund, the Deputy Minister of Environment touched upon the la...
By the decision of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, Deputy Minister of Environment Gayane Gabrielyan was sent to the Republic of Korea (Incheon city) on September 12-17, 2022 to participate in the World Conference on Programming of the Green Climate Fund. The forum was attended by deputy prime ministers, ministers, deputy ministers and high-ranking officials from 60 countries-about 500 participants. The purpose of the conference was to discuss and find solutions on...
2022-09-20 10:25:30
Flora and fauna suffer as a result of burning of grass plots
The Ministry of Environment continues to receive signals about the burning of grass plots on the territory of the republic. Once again, we urge you to refrain from such actions and remind you․ 85.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences. according to the article, the burning of pigs, territories with plant residues and withered vegetation, vegetation of pastures and pastures on agricultural and forest lands entails the imposition of a fine on citizens in the amount of fifty times the minimum w...
2022-09-19 18:20:51
The Ministry of Environment sent a letter international partners to draw their attention to the real danger of environme...
After fact-finding activities, the Ministry of Environment, on behalf of the Minister Hakob Simidyan, sent a letter to representatives of the diplomatic corps, international organizations and partners to once again draw their attention to the real danger of environmental disasters caused as a result of Azerbaijan's large-scale aggression towards the territory of Armenia.The fires caused by the large-scale aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan caused great damage to the "Jermuk" Forestry Enterprise ...
2022-09-19 17:03:29
What is the temperature?
The daily variation of air temperature is significantly influenced by a number of factors: relief, geographical latitude, cloudiness and atmospheric circulation. The air temperature is measured in absolute shade, at a height of 2m above the ground surface. In meteorological stations, thermometers are placed in special meteorological cabins, which provides absolute shade and free air exchange. If the thermometer is not placed in absolute shade, and the sun's rays fall on the mercury of the ther...
2022-09-17 16:50:11
We stand for peace!
On September 13th, Azerbaijan launched a wide-scale attack against Armenia targeting military bases and residential areas and infrastructure all along the eastern part of Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan, including Vardenis, Sotk, Artanish, Jermօօk, Goris, and Kapan cities and towns. Azerbaijan violated the sovereignty and integrity of Armenia - a UN recognized country - shelling civilians, and breaching the Geneva Convention. The scale of military influence is extensive, covering the Ge...
2022-09-15 13:44:49
Hydrological regime of Lake Sevan on August 22-28 (2022)
The level of Lake Sevan in the period from 22 to 28 August decreased by 2 cm and amounted to 1900.57 m (29.08.22), which is 6 cm below the level of the same day last year and 14 cm above the level of January 1, 2022. The volume of water abstraction from Lake Sevan for irrigation purposes for the period from August 22 to 28 amounted to 12.769 mil. m3, and the total volume of water abstraction from June 3 to August 28 inclusive -142.569 mil. m3, and the total volume of water abstraction from June...
2022-09-01 16:58:16
INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCE. film about water waste in Armenia
The "Inexhaustible Resource" information film is about how each person can contribute to the efficient use of water and save resources by small steps.  Country Water Partnership NGO chairperson Arevik Hovsepyan and water supply and wastewater specialist Eduard Mesropyan talk about the attitude towards water․ They are sure, that Armenia needs to save water and people in Armenia need to  realize or accept this fact by changing their attitudes.  Arevik Hovsepyan says...
2021-09-07 15:30:27
The Minister of Environment addressed a letter to international organizations and partners
The Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan addressed a letter to the Executive Secretaries of Environmental Conventions, international organizations and partners to draw their attention to the ongoing large scale military aggression initiated by Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey and foreign mercenaries. On October 30th, Azerbaijani armed forces committed yet another war crime against the people of Artsakh using incendiary weapons containing, what is most likely, white phosphorus or thermite su...
2020-11-05 16:52:52
ECOCIDE ALERT IN THE SOUTHERN CAUCASUS! White phosphorous munitions are dangerous chemical weapon
Dear followers, friends & partners, As you are aware, on Sept. 27th a full – blown war erupted between Armenia & Azerbaijan over Artsakh region, located in Southern Caucasus and continues to date. The ongoing large-scale war is among major threats for the biodiversity of the region, which is defined by the leading conservation organizations as one of the World's biodiversity hotspots. It is also well-known for its high rate of endemism and for being home to more than 6000 plant s...
2020-11-02 14:57:57
Where is the monkey “rescued” from Gyumri. New trends in animal trade?
In December 2019, the monkey, “rescued” from Oasis restaurant (Gyumri) by Yerevan Zoo, with the initiative of the Zoo director in duty Vladimir Simonyan was handed over to an organization dealing with animal trade called “Zoo Fauna Art”, the head of which is Arthur Khachatrian, quite famous in the circle of illegal wildlife traders. The “rescued” monkey was left in the area of the abandoned restaurant in Gyumri in terrible conditions. As a result of a noise ...
2020-01-26 11:55:25
Beautiful summer Sunday in Agarakadzor during AgarakFest
On August 25th, in the remote village of Agarakadzor of Vayots Dzor region, a festival featuring rural life & traditions, the AgarakFest took place. Participants from Yerevan & other Armenian cities, tourists from Poland & Georgia, as well as guests from neighboring villagers got acquainted with peculiarities of village life in Agarakadzor, local traditions, agro-products of villagers created within the project & tourism products. “The Festival is unique for being org...
2019-09-02 13:17:41
“Lydian Armenia” CJSC has used the water of Lake Sevan for technical purposes. Artur Grigoryan
A few days ago the final meeting of the group investigating on the Amulsar issue took place; a series of questions regarding the organization of activities were discussed. The head of the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection body Artur Grigoryan, who also leads the activity of the investigation group, presented a series of details concerning the administrative proceedings implemented by the Inspection body. “We have implemented two administrative proceedings concerning the wate...
2018-09-25 13:24:58
What The Deputy Prime Minister And The Citizens Fighting Against Amulsar Mine Have Discussed
Late at night of June 5, the citizens fighting against Amulsar mine met with the Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan. As we have already mentioned, two days ago all the roads to Amulsar were again closed. Within the frames of the reached agreement, a group of citizens of Jermuk were told that the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will meet them at any opportunity. With the authority of the citizens of Jermuk community who are fighting against Amulsar mine, some citizens of Jermuk together with th...
2018-06-11 14:31:12
Rural Christmas Fair in the Village Hall of Urtsadzor
New Year is approaching and if you think to get pure, fair, tasty rural products, we have an amazing offer for you! The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) and Fund for Organic Farming (FOF) are pleased to invite you to the Rural Christmas Fair. The Fair will take place in the Village Hall of Urtsadzor community of Ararat region. The residents of Urtsadzor, Shagap, Lanjanist and Lusashogh communities of Ararat region will present their own products at the...
2017-11-23 13:07:03
The SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival encompasses 83 films, 9 workshops, and 5 exhibitions
. The events will take place in a total of 17 venues throughout Yerevan from October 13th to 17th. This year, the SunChild Festival has moved from cinema halls to a wider variety of venues. The aim of this change is to make the events more accessible to the wider public and various target groups. “One of the most important features of the festival is the voicing of the environmental problems. Those issues have stopped being ‘global’ and become very personal. Many people, espec...
2017-10-13 14:33:18
5th Vegan Fest Yerevan annual festival of animal liberation and healthy lifestyle
The moment you all have been waiting for, the 5th Vegan Fest Yerevan annual festival of animal liberation and healthy lifestyle will take place on October 1st 2017 in Mashtots Park (Near Margaryan hospital), starting at 13:00 until late in the evening. The slogan of the festival is “Choose the life”. Its objective is to spread awareness about animal exploitation in our lives, promote healthy lifestyle and protect our planet from the unnecessary effects of animal agriculture. Differ...
2017-08-30 12:33:32
SOS: Ardvi needs our support
SOS: Ardvi needs our support. A gold mine is expected to be exploited at the site known as Shekaghbiur (near the top of the mountain behind the church). This will have fatal impact on the environment and will deminish the historical-cultural significance of the village. Tigran Kalantaryan
2017-07-22 16:00:44
Weather forecast in Armenia
In the Republic June 25-29 no precipitation is predicted. Southwest wind speed is 3-8 m/s. The air temperature will gradually rise by 3-4 degrees. In Yerevan
2017-06-24 16:45:49
Lake Sevan, Armenia. most incredible — and affordable — undiscovered holiday destinations in Europe
As the summer holidays draw near, it's time to start holiday planning. However, you'll likely want to avoid the crowds. Luckily, Mastercard has released a list of Europe’s top little-known — yet affordable — travel destinations to help you avoid the hoards on your next trip. The list of 44 under-the-radar destinations was compiled using information from local travel bloggers and tourism experts, as well as Mastercard data. The places were ranked according to beauty, crowdedne...
2017-06-24 16:26:27
Keeping brown bears is illegal in Armenia. For our '80 BEARS. SAVE THE BEARS OF ARMENIA' campaign, our NGO partner FPWC (Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Cultural assets in Armenia has been tracking and documenting the location of brown bears. Illegally stolen from the wild and kept in tiny cages... at shocking locations. We need to act. We need your help: Our goal is to rescue 30 bears in 2017 and build a sanctuary so they have a place to go! Support our campaign. Mak...
2017-06-19 16:20:30
The Conundrum of protected landscape
Several weeks before, on suspicion of fish poaching, one of the rangers of “Gnishik” protected landscape was arrested in Vayots Dzor. The ranger`s main task was to catch the poachers. We were informed that he was fined and released. Afterwards it was somehow revealed that he has also worked in “Safari International” – a company, which organizes hunting tours. Ironically some people recognized him as a guide who organized eco-tours for tourists and probably spoke abo...
2017-06-19 13:38:27
Earthquake Hits Azerbaijan
On June 2, at 10:15 local time, the RA MES Seismic Protection Survey Seismological Network registered an earthquake at the northern latitude 41.100 and eastern longitude 47.540 geographic coordinates (Azerbaijan, 60 km northeast from the city of Mingachevir), with 4.4 magnitude and 12 km depth. The tremor measured magnitude 5-6 points at the epicenter area. The earthquake was felt in the city of Stepanakert, NKR with 3points.
2017-06-03 16:06:53
Is Aurora Compatible with Amulsar Mining? Open letter to Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan
To the Founders of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Members of Board of Directors of Ameriabank CJSC Noubar Afeyan Ruben Vardanyan Dear Mr. Afeyan, Mr. Vardanyan, Days ago we were surprised and disappointed to learn that Ameriabank CJSC signed a loan agreement with Lydian Armenia providing 24 million USD for gold extraction in Amulsar Mountain near Jermuk and for purchasing equipment for the construction of a heap leach facility. This policy of Ameriabank came to strike our expectations ...
2017-05-27 14:31:06
SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival is beginning
SunChild 7th International Environmental Festival is excited to announce the call for entries for this year’s film festival We have 3 nominations • International Wildlife Film Competition • International Environmental Film Competition • Youth and Children Film Program SUBMISSION DEADLINE 31 JULY, 2017 Apply: #SunChildFest17 #FPWC #FestivAr #ArmenianFestivals2017
2017-05-25 15:06:47
Awwh. Meet new arrival Fluffy McFluffyface
2017-05-20 19:26:20
5 Day Weather Forecast in Armenia
In the Republic On May 9-10 mainly in northern regions, on 11-12, especially at night and in the afternoon, in most regions rain with thunderstorm is predicted, in separate places hail is possible. On May 13 mainly no precipation is predicted. Southwest wind speed is 3-8 m/s. During thunderstorm the wind speed will exceed up to 15-20 m/s. On May 9-10 the air temperature will gradually go up by 2-3, on 12 it will go down by 3-4 degrees. In Yerevan In the evening of May 9-10 in separate place...
2017-05-09 14:13:44
Two Bear Cubs Detected in Lori (video)
2017-05-09 13:11:43
US commits to Arctic climate change research
The United States will participate in advancing climate change research in the Arctic, a State Department official said, ahead of a summit of Arctic nations later this week where Washington’s commitment to tackling climate change will likely be questioned. The administration of President Donald Trump, who has taking steps to bolster the US oil and coal industries, is reviewing former President Barack Obama’s plans to curb climate change. Reuters Newsagency reports President Trump v...
2017-05-09 13:05:19
Issues Related to State Geological Survey Management Discussed
Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan held a consultation to discuss issues related to the management of the sphere of geological exploration. Analyses were presented on organization of geological explorations, development of the legislative framework and the provision of favorable conditions for the business environment. During the exchange of views that followed, the speakers came up with a number of proposals and recommendations concerning challenges and possible solutions, planned actions and exp...
2017-05-05 18:32:17
EPA cuts will hit minority communities hardest
This story was originally published by The Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Planned cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency are set to fall heaviest upon communities of color across the U.S. that already suffer disproportionately from toxic pollution, green groups have warned. President Donald Trump’s administration is proposing a 25 percent reduction in the EPA’s $8.1 billion budget, eliminating nearly 3,000 jobs and several programs i...
2017-05-04 12:05:11
Why we need methane rules
Wayne Warmack is a contributor to Writers on the Range, the opinion service of High Country News. The owner and operator of Double W Ranch in Durango, Colorado, he retired from ConocoPhillips after a 27-year career in the oil and gas industry. For almost three decades, I worked in the oil and gas industry, moving 22 times to job sites that ranged from Bloomfield, New Mexico, to the Norwegian Sea. In the Four Corners area, I helped make sure that 3,000 wells sent their oil and gas by truck and p...
2017-05-04 11:37:52
Busy shipping lanes could cause 'seal hearing loss'
Seals may experience hearing loss from underwater vessel noise, researchers at the University of St Andrews have said. BBC news says: The study compares seals inhabiting the UK's busy shipping lanes to humans living in noisy cities. Lead author Esther Jones said noise could affect how sea mammals such as whales, dolphins and seals find food and communicate with each other. Eleven out of 25 conservation areas linked with seals were at high risk of overlap with shipping, the study found. The p...
2017-05-04 11:33:36
This Autumn "ATP" Planning to Plant 200,000 Trees and Bushes
This year “ATP” charity foundation is planning to plant around 200,000 fruit trees, as well as decorative trees ad bushes. As the press release by ATP addressed to EcoLur says, the foundation will declare the exact day of Public tree planting later depending on weather conditions. Armenia Tree Project has planted more than five million trees since its inception in 1994. The organization is the only major tree planting program in the country and in its 22 years has successfully establ...
2016-10-03 15:39:30
WWF-Armenia launches Leopard Caretakers Network Project
In the frameworks of Caucasian Leopard Conservation Project, WWF-Armenia launches Leopard Caretakers Network Project which aims to unite the society, international organizations, private and public sectors to strengthen conservation mechanisms of leopard and its prey species (Bezoar Goat, Armenian Mouflon, Roe Deer, etc.). For this purpose, WWF has already chosen environmentalists from the leopard habitat adjacent communities who will carry out intensive monitoring and field surveys in this hab...
2016-09-30 15:41:09
Garni Residents Continue Fight For Sake of Changes – This Time in Local Government Elections
Over two years Garni community residents in Kotayq Region have been fighting against the Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system, through which a part of the water in the Azat River should be transferred to Ararat Region for irrigation purposes. During recent two years Garni residents blocked Garni-Yerevan highway several times, failed the public discussions organized by State Committee on Water Industry and sent a letter-complaint to the Washington office of the World Bank, which funds this proj...
2016-09-27 14:16:51
Launch of Amulsar Construction Is End to Little Armenian Switzerland-Jermuk
The launch of the construction works on Amulsar gold mining project was marked with huge arrogance. The ceremony was attended by the Armenian top officials, the Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Levon Yolyan, Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan, heads of communities of Jermuk, Gndevaz, Saravan and Gorayk. Lydian board of directors, several shareholders, representatives of EBRD and IFC, heads of Yerevan offices of the World Bank Mrs. Laura B...
2016-09-22 13:34:20
Environmental Activists in Russia Exposed to Armed Assault
Recently the activists of GreenPeace Russia and “Environmental Patrol” were exposed to armed assault at their campsite located in Primorsk-Akhtarsky area, Krasnodar Region. They had arrived in Krasnodar region to extinguish fires. “We were told to go back “to our America”. We were pulled out of the cars, they starting kicking us, shooting near our heads and then spilled us with some chemical wastes,” said Gregory Kuksin, Head of Firefighting project at GreenP...
2016-09-15 15:48:40
Attempts to silence those who voice risks of Amulsar gold mine – PAEF
Recently the police of Kentron district called Levon Galstyan, member of the coordinating board of Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PAEF) Civil Initiative and informed him that “Lydian Armenia”, the company that plans to exploit Amulsar mine, turned to the police with complaints that Levon Galstyan and his colleagues had threatened them. Now the police are collecting materials regarding this complaint. Levon Galstyan was invited to the police, but since there was no o...
2016-09-15 14:08:17
Privatized Rivers of Armenia
There are around 173 small hydropower plants (SHPP) in Armenia, of which around 114 are on natural streams. The license for these SHPPs is given for about 15 years. The electricity producers sell the electricity to “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC for around 11-25AMD (2-5 US cents kilowatt/hours). They do not however pay minimal taxes for water usage which used to go to the community budget before. Moreover, the documents that regulate SHPP sector are 50-60 years old and there has...
2016-09-15 14:00:31
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