Soldiers fight for our homeland, we - against those, who destroy it

Using the mixed situation in Karabakh-Azerbaijani border, some people started the Kaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system project. Heavy equipment had entered Azat Gorge and moving forward was destroying the sights and blossoming trees. 

Residents had blocked the Yerevan-Garni highway, environmental activists joined them. After all, the protesters reached the point that heavy machinery was brought out Azat gorge. has talked to Arusyak Ayvazyan, one of the protest organizers, to lern the situation in Azat gorge now:

"At the moment, any construction is not taking place. We will allow neither this, nor the new project they've imagined to carry out. Some pipes are already in place, they want to start a new work from the top, but we will  prevent it too. 

The whole Garni is against, because we realize that desertification will be inevitable. Of course, the I say the whole Garni, I do not mean the village mayor and the council.

Perhaps our leaders are trying to carry out the "Great Turan" idea, to create Turan state, I don't find any other explanation. And as the soldiers fight for our homeland, we - against those, who destroy it. Any decision is not made at the state level. Recently we have send a letter to the World Bank with about five hundred signatures and wait waiting for a reply.

They do not realize that taking the water will make several communities dried, insatiable gluttony has blinded them. But we are sure, this program will not be realized for the profit of some officials".

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