INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCE. film about water waste in Armenia
The "Inexhaustible Resource" information film is about how each person can contribute to the efficient use of water and save resources by small steps.  Country Water Partnership NGO chairperson Arevik Hovsepyan and water supply and wastewater specialist Eduard Mesropyan talk about the attitude towards water․ They...
2021-09-07 15:30:27
Awwh. Meet new arrival Fluffy McFluffyface
2017-05-20 19:26:20
Two Bear Cubs Detected in Lori (video)
2017-05-09 13:11:43
Garni Residents Continue Fight For Sake of Changes – This Time in Local Governme...
Over two years Garni community residents in Kotayq Region have been fighting against the Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system, through which a part of the water in the Azat River should be transferred to Ararat Region for irrigation purposes. During recent two years Garni residents blocked Garni-Yerevan highway several times, ...
2016-09-27 14:16:51
Launch of Amulsar Construction Is End to Little Armenian Switzerland-Jermuk
The launch of the construction works on Amulsar gold mining project was marked with huge arrogance. The ceremony was attended by the Armenian top officials, the Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Levon Yolyan, Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan, heads of communities of Jerm...
2016-09-22 13:34:20
Illegal Tree Felling in Vanadzor:MP Reported on Crime
Illegal Tree Felling in Vanadzor:MP Reported on Crime Photo and video are taken from Edmon Maruqyan Facebook page.
2016-08-18 21:10:14
Dying Fish in Hrazdan River Already A Tradition
EcoLur has again received an alarm signal about the mass elimination of the fish in the Hrazdan River this time from Nazeli Vardanyan, Director of 'Forests of Armenia' NGO and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front: 'There are numerous dead fish in the Hrazdan River, in the section called Korea Gorge. Before our arrival, a part of the...
2016-07-04 17:45:02
Hunting Case of Red-Listed Bezoar Goat in Vayots Dzor
The policemen in Vayots Dzor Region have caught a poacher who had hunted red-listed Bezoar goat: he lives in Yeghegnadzor Town. He had acknwoledged that he had hunted with the gun owned by his father in Gnishik community. Both the hunted animal and gun had been confiscated, as RA police informs.
2016-06-08 13:45:22
It's Alive! The world's first algae-powered building (video)
There is a building in Hamburg, Germany, which is entirely powered by algae. Inside the glass panels is a green liquid in which you can see little bubbles rising to the surface. This is the result of having a bio-reactor built into the facade, which heats the 15 flats in the building. The motor is micro algae, and the principle...
2016-04-14 12:40:50
Water Problem Brought Out Garni Residents to Street (video)
Garni-Yerevan road was closed again yesterday. On one side of the stones were Garni residents, on the other side - disgruntled drivers and police. The reason of the protest action is Kaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system construction, which is carried out at the expense of the Azat River.  
2016-04-14 11:22:02
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