INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCE. film about water waste in Armenia

The "Inexhaustible Resource" information film is about how each person can contribute to the efficient use of water and save resources by small steps. 

Country Water Partnership NGO chairperson Arevik Hovsepyan and water supply and wastewater specialist Eduard Mesropyan talk about the attitude towards water․ They are sure, that Armenia needs to save water and people in Armenia need to  realize or accept this fact by changing their attitudes. 

Arevik Hovsepyan says: "The problem of water resources in Armenia is connected with over-exploitation, pollution and improper management of resources. I would not say that Armenia is very rich in water resources, we have average resources. Each person in Armenia gets about 3100 liters of water a year. It is an average sufficiency. It is 11 thousand in the same Georgia, compare it, do we have water now or not?

Our water resources are unequally distributed also seasonally, that is, we have a lot of water in spring, a lot in autumn, and when it is our irrigation season, we lack water resources during the summer season. And on the other hand, we have regions in Armenia where there is a lot of water, and we have regions, for example, Armavir region, some settlements of Aragatsotn region, where there is no water".

Also Eduard Mesropyan considers: "The majority of the population considers the wastewater and waste as something useless, garbage. When we consider wastewater as garbage, we have such an approach to it, we want to get rid of that garbage as soon as possible. But when we look at it as a resource, because it really is a resource, because we have taken something from nature, we have used the good of nature, we throw it away. This should be considered an unacceptable approach from the point of view of living and acting in harmony with nature".

More - in full video. 

The author of the film is Mariam Tashchyan, the chief editor of environmental informational website.

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