What The Deputy Prime Minister And The Citizens Fighting Against Amulsar Mine Have Discussed

Late at night of June 5, the citizens fighting against Amulsar mine met with the Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan. As we have already mentioned, two days ago all the roads to Amulsar were again closed. Within the frames of the reached agreement, a group of citizens of Jermuk were told that the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will meet them at any opportunity. With the authority of the citizens of Jermuk community who are fighting against Amulsar mine, some citizens of Jermuk together with the members of the initiative '' Amulsar without mine '' traveled to Yerevan.

The meeting took place late at night nearly at 24:00. The citizens of Jermuk, the members of the initiative '' Amulsar without mine '' and a few ecologists have met the Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan. The Deputy Prime Minister have informed that the check on metal mines that Prime Minister has mentioned will just start from Amulsar mine.

As a result of ecologists' clarifications and extensive debates it became clear that inspections can be carried out in a different format, as those inspections are foreseen for the places of mining industry and there are still construction works in Amulsar mine's area. According to the claims of different experts EIA conclusion of the Amulsar's gold mine exploitation project is committed with a number of infractions of the law and the whole process involves multiple corruption and other risk. For implementation of the above mentioned process another body can be formed, for example, '' Governmental special commission''. Thera are no definite deadlines as the inspection bodies have not been set yet and there are documentary processes that are supposed to be completed within the next 10 days.

On June 6, we are informing from '' Jermuk Development Center '' organization's president Vazgen Galstyan: '' Actually as the format of the verification is clarified and the public and professional involvement we have in our committee is guaranteed, so, the citizens of Jermuk have decided to stop all protest actions. Our '' tools'' for closing the roads are always with us and giving the government 1-1.5 months we consider it logical and trusting the government we are going back to our daily life''. (The record was probably made after the Jermuk citizen's discussion).

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