Parz Lich Natural Monument

Parz Lich is located in Dilijan National Park, to the north of the city of Dilijan at the altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. The lake covers an area of 2 hectares and is 5 meters deep, 385 meters long and 85 meters wide.

While Parz Lich is a smaller-in-size lake, it has much to offer to each of its visitors. Among them are four-wheeled motorcycles, boats, crafts, fishing and camping.

They say what the poet wants are mountains, and what a tourist might want after a whole day of travels is no doubt a full dinner. There is a high-class restaurant at the lake, which serves delicious Armenian cuisine. The wooden chairs and tables will make every visitor feel as if dining out in the nature accompanied by the sweet sounds of the lake’s water. The restaurant itself appears as if a typical Armenian country house with its modest appearance and furnishing.

In general, the best time to visit lakes and similar water areas is believed to be summer when the temperature is higher, when the sun is warmly shining in the sky and when visitors can take full advantage of the activities they provide. This is no doubt true but not for hundred percent. These convictions can be shaken because everything needs its individual approach.

In case of Lake Clear, these “beliefs” can be easily doubted and even rejected due to one very important thing – its location. As already said, the lake is located in the city of Dilijan and is embraced in a forest, which is enough to make the lake beautiful any time of the year, of course with some restrictions regarding the activities. While there is no need to describe the lake in summer, when it appears in its full colors especially with the stunning swans floating on the clear surface of the lake, there is some need to explain how the lake appears in other times of the year.

Fall – They say fall has some magic, which is inexplicable and which every person interprets in their own way. With all the trees wearing yellow and red costumes and the lake still not frozen but filled with the leaves that the wind caused to fall into it appears as if cut from the most impressive nature canvas painted by a most talented artist.

Winter – Winter-time is not an attractive time of the year for many tourists. Especially for those people who avoid cold weather. But if you happen to be in Armenia during winter, then a visit to the Lake will only add to your rest. Note that it will be really cold around the Lake, so you need to be very well and warmly dressed so that not to focus all your attention on the cold and therefore miss the stunning view of the lake and the forest around it.

Covered all with snow the forest makes the lake appear as one of the most peaceful places on Earth, where the stillness of the lake and the silence of the surrounding nature will ensure tranquility and calmness your mind might have long strived for.

Spring – Spring is the time of the year when every element of the nature awakens bringing joy and happiness, which the multi-colored fall and the peaceful winter usually lack. During spring the lake as well livens up. The relatively warmer sun during this period of the year allows walking around the lake, exploring the area and taking stunning photos.


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