Mozrov Cave Natural Monument

The wonderful Cave of Mozrov is located in Vayots Dzor province, near the city of Yeghegnadzor. Had not a road construction taking to Mozrov village been launched, the cave would probably remain unknown until today. Strange as it can sound, this miraculous cave was discovered only 30 years ago and since then has attracted a great number of nature and adventure lovers, tourists and locals.

Inside the cave there is a large diversity of natural geological formations, which are so unique and seem to be so carefully carved that if in other cases you would believe that only nature could be the author of such a wonder, then now you might doubt even that. The cave is truly glorious and it is due to the stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, columns, flowstone, cave bacon, draperies and rimstone dams that make up the base of the cave.

The entrance is steps away from the road taking to Mozrov Village. Especially for first-timers it might be really hard to get into the cave as the entrance is from the above. The way down might seem rather perilous, especially as you step on the boulders and small stones. The complete exploration of the cave guarantees not only a great time but also moments you might never experience again.

Going deeper into the cave you will appear in the mouth of cave, then you will see the crocodile formation, which will be followed by the memorable stalactites and stalagmites that will cause endless admiration and surprise. Furthermore, you will come across the Tower of Pisa and the pipe organ. Taking photos is not forbidden, so make sure you have a camera to eternalize your visit to this impressive cave full of uniquely colorful formations not every cave can boast of.


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