Vorotan River Canyon Natural Monument

Vorotan River Canyon or simply Vorotan Canyon is located in Syunik province. It is over 100 meters deep and the registered widest point reaches 3 kilometers. The canyon appears to be especially splendid due to the River of Vorotan, which originates from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) plateau. The river is 178 kilometers long and has a basin of 5650 square kilometers.

The river originates from Davagyoz Mountain and feeds the large Spandarian Reservoir. It also feeds the historical Angeghakot village, which lies north-west of Sisian and passes through several deep canyons as well as by Stone Age cave-settlements and medieval castles, monasteries and villages. The river gets wider in the plain of Sisian and divides the city into northern and southern parts.

The river is most appealing to the east of Sisian. The colorful view of the amazingly deep canyons, sharp top mountains and island-fortresses astonish every onlooker. In spring the Canyon of Vorotan River is one place lovers of inflatable boat sports should pay a visit to.

Furthermore, the river passes by Vorotnavank, the Fortress of David Bek and the warm waters of Vorotan and feeds Shambi Reservoir. The river then flows through the miraculous canyon right below Tatev and reaches below the huge hydroelectric plant.

Vorotan is one of the left tributaries of Araks River and it pours into it having passed 59 kilometers through Nagorno Karabakh.The cascade of Vorotan River is comprised of the complex of three hydroelectric plants built on it. Out of the three, the most powerful one is the hydroelectric plant of Tatev. The other two are located by the reservoirs of Shambi and Spandarian. The cascade of Vorotan River regulates the energy system of Armenia.

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