Dying Fish in Hrazdan River Already A Tradition

EcoLur has again received an alarm signal about the mass elimination of the fish in the Hrazdan River this time from Nazeli Vardanyan, Director of 'Forests of Armenia' NGO and Pan-Armenian Environmental Front: 'There are numerous dead fish in the Hrazdan River, in the section called Korea Gorge. Before our arrival, a part of the fish was washed away by the river and eaten by the birds, anyway, the scene was disastrous. According to the eye-witnesses, there were thousands of dead fish in that section of the river.'

The employees of Nature Protection Ministry have sampled water and dead fish to submit it for expertise. This phenomenon repeats in the Hrazdan River almost every year.
In 2014 the mass elimination of the fish was explained with conducting electricity or use of explosives.
In 2014 the Nature Protection Ministry reported to the police on the elimination of the fish in the Hrazdan River, nevertheless the case was suspended because of absence of any evidence.
Cases of fish elimination were also recorded in 2012 and 2010. In 2010 the presence of active chlorine was mentioned as the probable cause of the fish elimination.
Thus, there is a certain source of danger for the fish world of the Hrazdan River, which works, as it's the second mass elimination of the fish, which should be detected.

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