Landfill Site To Be Constructed on Forest Lands In Yerevan

The Armenian Government took 24.42 ha from Armforest to construct a new landfill site. The resolution was adopted on 2 September 2016. It’s planned to project and develop a new landfill site in line with European standards in the area adjacent to Nubarashen landfill site.
According to Yerevan Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan, the allocated land area is not forest-covered, it’s not cultivated and is factually the continuation of the current urban landfill site.
RA Agriculture Ministry didn’t object to this decision and proposed to submit a damage compensation plan caused to the forest land areas of Yerevan City.

The new landfill site will be constructed in the frames of “Yerevan Solid Waste Program”, the budget of the project is 24 million Euros, out of which 8 million Euros is provided by the European bank for Reconstruction and Development, 8 million Euros by the European Investment Bank and 8 million Euros is planned to invest from the EU Neighborhood Investment Instrument. It should be mentioned the project doesn’t plan garbage sorting and recycling.

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