According to Nature Protection Ministry RA, Emissions 'Pure Iron' CJSC and 'Armenian Titanium Production' LLC within Standards

EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Yerevan resident that it's impossible to breathe air from from 21:00 p.m. to 01:00 a.m. because of the emissions by 'Pure Iron' CJSC and 'Armenian Titanium Production' LLC. 'On these hours an extremely heavy strink gest spread in the neighborhood, which leads to deteroriation of respiratory organs amd womitting, as well as with occasional headaches,' the alarm signal addressed to EcoLur says.

EcoLur passed the alarm signal to Nature Protection Ministry, as well as addressed these questions,

''1. Whether monitoring is held on atmospheric air emissions near these factories, if yes, please provide the results of this monitoring. 2. When was the last time when environmental inspections were carried out in these companies and on what hours, whether violations were carried out? 3. Whether the chimneys of the companies are equipped with filters?”

In reply, Nature Protection Ministry Staff Head Khazhak Aghabekyan informed that “The State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry Yerevan Division employees carried out examination and found out these enterprises are located in an industrial area, where over a dozen industrial enterprises work, which results in emitting different sorts and kinds of materials into atmosphere (gases). All enterprises have permits on limits to emit pollutants into environment and operate within these standards.”

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