Another Discussion Around Qaghtsrashen Project Failed (Photos)

Another discussion on Qaghtsrashen gravity irrigation project, which was planned to be held in Garni community yesterday, at 14:00, was failed. Garni residents refused to take part in the discussion initiated by the State Committee on Water Industry and declared they were rejecting this project. Kotayk Regional Head Karapet Guloyan, Aram Harutyunyan – Chairman of State Committee on Water Industry and the representatives of the PIU and the developing company arrived in Garni and immediately got into the hall, where only empty chairs could be found.

Numerous Garni residents having gathered outside were complaining of the project. Garni Community Head Ashot Vardanyan tried several times to invite the residents into the hall, but to avail. At around 15:00 Garni residents moved to Garni-Yerevan road and blocked the highway once again. Only after one hour when it became clear that Karapet Guloyan, Aram Harutyunyan and the rest had left Garni via another road, the residents opened the highway.

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