The Only Motivation of Ministry of Environment are Money, Profits and Corruption. Apres Zohrabyan

As we had informed recently, Russian President former assistant Sergei Yastrzhembsky participated in hunting in Armenia, stabbing 11-year-old male Armenian Mufflon included in Red Data book of the country.

The Ministry of Environment announced that mouflon hunting is legal. has talked about this to environmental activist Apres Zohrabyan. He said:

"The question actually requires expert knowledge, and now I don't have them to give a a complete answer. But I can say that the Ministry of Environment does not follow expert approaches, is not based on them but guided by it's just a narrow financial profits, and as well as policy based on the risks of corruption.

I think any substantiation that the Ministry of Environment affords is not credible because these years have shown, that the only motivation of the structure are money, benefits and corruption".


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