Kirants-Samson Gorge Natural Monument

The distance between capital Yerevan and Kirants-Samson Gorge is 168 kilometers. In a broader sense, it means you will have to spend around 2.5-3 hours on the road. The gorge is located in the village of Kirants.

The gorge is spectacular and is breathtakingly beautiful at any time of the year. Each season brings its own beauty to the gorge where the dense forests with unique and impressive flora and fauna will make your visit even more memorable.

Straying a bit from the subject the name “flora” comes from Roman mythology in which Flora was the name of the Goddess of flowers, plants and fertility. As it is said, every god/goddess loves the “task” assigned to them. And this considered, the Goddess does really good work in regard to the gorge’s flora because it’s fresh, nice and rich. As to its appearance and beauty, everybody can judge about that on their visit.

The gorge’s colorful flora includes such representatives as Arum orientale, Betonica macrantha, Carpinus betulus, Centaurea cheiranthifolia, Corylus colurna, Cyclamen vernum, Galanthus alpinus, Iris paradoxa, Iris reticulate, Orchis simian, Scabiosa caucasica, Tanacetum coccineum, Taxus baccata, Viburnum lantana and so on.

No matter how scary this might seem, but the Gorge of Kirants-Samson is not devoid of animal life. The animals residing there only add to the splendor of the gorge.

Some of the animals that you will see are the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), the beech marten (Martes foina) and the wildcat (Felis silvestris), don’t even think of trying to catch it, it’ll be just a waste of time, as it is unreachable.

From time to time, you might also see a red fox (Vulpes Vulpes) chasing the fluffy European hare (Lepus europaeus). Bears are also among the residents of the gorge, so even if you don’t see one you’ll at least have a chance to hear the frightening roar of the brown bear (Ursus arctos) or the sound of the branches under its feet.


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