Chaenorhinum gerense: Red Data Book of Armenia

VU* B 1 ab(iii) + 2 ab(iii)

Category. Vulnerable species. Only one sub–population is known in Arpa river gorge. The extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy are less than 10 km2. The species faces decline of the extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy caused by internal factors and the changes in the habitat conditions. Taking into consideration that the general area of distribution of the species is situated beyond the borders of Armenia the category of threat has been downgraded to VU. It was not included in the first edition of the Red Data Book of Armenia. It is not included in the Annexes of CITES and that of the Bern Convention.

Description. Annual plants with curved or prostrate, flexuose, weakly branched stems 2–15 cm high. Leaves ovate to broadly lanceolate, opposite and petiolate in the lower part of stem, alternate ans sessile in the upper part. Inflorescence racemiform, lax. Flowers zygomorphic, whitish, with 2 narrow lilac strips in the upper part.

Distribution. In Armenia it occurs in Darelegis (between Areni and Arpa villages) floristic region. AOO is 8 km2. Number of locations is 1. Besides Armenia the species grows in Karabagh, on the island Cyprus, in Iraq and Iran.

Ecological, biological and phytocoenological peculiarities. Grows in lower mountain belt, at the altitudes of 1000–1100 meters above sea level, in the cracks of vertical rocks. Flowering from April to May, fruiting in May.

Limiting factors. Restricted extent of occurrence and area of occupancy, loss/degradation of habitats caused by the anthropogenic factor.

Conservation actions. No conservation actions. Necessary: search of new habitats, monitoring of the population state.

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