ArmForest SNCO Director Considers It Necessary To Increase Legal Timber Storage Volumes

ArmForest SNCO Director Martun Matevosyan summarized the results of the works carried out in the first semester of 2016, which are as follows:

• Planting 2.5 ha of forest cultures and supplementary planting of 14.9 ha.

• In autumn 2016 it's planned to carry out reforestation works in 10 ha of littoral area of Lake Sevan with the support of RA Forest Recovery and Development Fund.

• Under the contract signed between 'Teghout' CJSC and 'ArmForest' SNCO, reforestation works in the area of 232.7 ha in Gugarq and Lalvar forestry enterprises carried out in 2012-2015.

• Starting from 1 January 2016 to 30 June 2016 the patrol group of ArmForest branches drew up 68 forest violation protocols on 420 illegally cut down trees.

Martun Matevosyan added there is necessity to add the volumes of legal timber storage and taking into consideration the experiences of other countries such as Georgia, Albania etc, to ensure timber for near-forest community population by establishing affordable prices. It's necessary to activate gasification works of near-forest communities and to introduce electricity and gas tariff reduction mechanisms in communities already having gas supply, to promote the development of alternative energy carriers, as well as to locate permanents spots on the main highways to prevent the transportation of illegally cut down timber.

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