Hazardous Phenomenon for Our Times to Lock Wildlife Animals in Cages

There is an increasingly hazardous tendency in Armenia – to obtain wildlife animals and to keep them in capture. Not only rare animals are in demand, but also predators, including red-listed ones.

There is a video posted on Facebook, which shows how captures bear hits itself the walls of the cage. According to the zoologists, the bear in the video is the brown bear red-listed in Armenia. All red-listed species are on the verge of extinction and these species can’t be taken out of their natural habitat. A special permit is required to transfer them from one country to another. This alarm signal is addressed to Nature Protection Ministry to check whether there is a proper permit to keep the bear in capture and the reasons for it. The probable whereabouts of this animal is Yerevan, Malatia Sebastia Administrative Region, Svatchyan 1a district, near the church.

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