Sarcosoma globose: Red Data Book of Armenia

Category. CR – Critically Endangered.

Brief description. Fruit body is 3–12 cm across, spherical when young, dish–shaped, with thin margins. The surface is dark brownish, shiny, slightly wrinkled. Hymenium is black–brownish. Wet fruit body is colourless, watery with gelatinous content. Sometimes the weight reaches up to several hundred grams. When dry flattens. Spores are 20–28 x 7–10 µm, colourless, ellipsoidal.

Distribution. Generally in Europe, Northern America, Southern Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia). In Armenia it is found in Sevan floristic region – in "Sevan" National Park.

Ecological, biological and phytocenological peculiarities. In Armenia it is rarely met, mainly in unique selections, in sandy soil, under Sorbus sp., in broad–leaved forest, on sands, in semi–deserts, on the altitude of 1850–2000 m above sea level, in June. Saprotrophic or psammotrophic fungi on sandy.

Main factors of endangering. Limited dispersion, degradation and breakdown of ecosystems, expansion of pastures.

Nature conservation measures. In Armenia it is conserved in corresponding ecosystems of "Sevan" National Park. It is necessary to carry out monitoring distinctive habitats of the species. It is included in the list of macromycetes, which are guaranteed to be ratified by the Bern Convention.

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