Stelleropsis magakjanii: Red Data Book of Armenia

CR B 1 ab(iii) + 2 ab(iii)

Category. Critically endangered species. Endemic of South Transcaucasia. In Armenia one sdub–population is known. The extent of occurrence and area of occupancy are less than 10 km2. The species faces decline of the extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy caused by changes in habitat conditions as a result of land development and climate change. It was included in the first edition of the Red Data Book of Armenia under Category 1: Endangered species. It is not included in the Annexes of CITES and that of the Bern Convention.

Description. Dwarf semishrub with numerous, upright, unbranched, lignose at base stems 10–15 cm high. Leaves small, elliptic, glabrous, glaucescent. Flowers yellow, with reddish from outsidetube, in almost capitate inflorescence.

Distribution. In Armenia it grows only in Darelegis floristic region (neighborhoods of Khachik and Gnishik villages). AOO is 8 km2, the number of locations is 1. Besides Armenia the species grows in Nakhichevan.

Ecological, biological and phytocoenological peculiarities. Grows in upper mountain belt, at the altitude of 1800–2000 meters above sea level, in the meadow–steppe. Flowering in June–July, fruiting in July.

Limiting factors. Restricted extent of occurrence and area of occupancy, loss/degradation of habitats caused by land development and climate change.

Conservation actions. No conservation actions. Necessary: survey on population numbers and range, search of new habitats, monitoring of the state of the population, establishment of specially protected nature area in the neighborhoods of the villages Khachik and Gnishik.

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