Eurasian otter: Red Data Book of Armenia

Mustelids - Mustelidae

Status. Listed in the Red Data Book of the former USSR. Listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species (ver. 3.1) as Near Threatened NT. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Endangered EN D.

Distribution. Distributed in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Distribution in Armenia. Occurs in almost all regions of Armenia.

Habitats. Lakes, rivers and streams with clear water and rich fish resources.

Biological traits. Mating occurs in winter–spring. The litter size is 1–5, usually 2–3, cubs which are born usually once every 2 years.

Population size and its trends. Unknown, but greatly reduced. It is essential to carry out relevant studies. Possibly, the population decreases because of habitat pollution and construction of hydrotechnical facilities.

Major threats. Habitat destruction, water pollution and overfishing.

Conservation measures. Protected in Sevan National Park, Arevik National Park and Lake Arpi National Park. It is essential to strengthen control over human activities near the water and in catchment areas.

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