5 Day Weather Forecast
In the Republic On the second half of the day and on the first half of the night of April 29-30 and May 1,3 in most regions, on May 2 in Lory, Tavush, Syuniq regions and Artsakh short rain with thunderstorm is predicted, in separate places hail is possible. On May 2 no precipitation is predicted. The Southwest wind speed is 2...
2016-04-29 11:36:28
Kotayk Province Governor had Gone to Garni to Threaten the Residents
On April 26 Kotayk Province Governor Karapet Guloyan had gone to Garni to threaten and chide the Residents. The governor has decided to subdue the citizens who had blocked the Yerevan-Garni highway, forced to stop the destruction of Azat Gorge and Heavy Machinery was taken out. ...
2016-04-29 11:02:09
Wolf Fur Accepting Works Initiated
The Commission created by decree of the Minister of Environment, which regulates the number of wolves, initiates the wolf fur accepting works. The works will start on April 28, every Thursday from 14:00 to 18:00 at the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology Zoology and Hydro-Ecology Research ...
2016-04-28 11:04:48
Public clean-up campaign at “Sevan” national park
“Young Biologists Association” NGO has organized a public clean-up campaign within the framework of “Earth day” worldwide environmental campaign in “Sevan” national park on April 22. During the clean-up campaign seminars were organized about code of conduct in natural environment and alternat...
2016-04-26 10:29:46
5 Day Weather Forecast
In the Republic In the evening of 25 in most northern regions short rain with storm is possible. During day hours of April 27 and on 28-29 in most regions from time to time rain with storm is predicted. In separate places hail is possible. On April 26 no precipitation is predicted. The Southwest wind speed is 2-7 m/s. During ...
2016-04-25 11:34:33
The 2-nd round of the project "Eco Generation" was officially opened (photos)
On April 22, on international "Earth Day", the 2-nd round of the project "Eco Generation" was officially opened. Deputy Minister of Environment Khachik Hakobyan took part in the meeting.
2016-04-25 10:46:20
Dog, Construction Materials and Clothes Sellers Will Leave Vernissage
They will not sell dogs, construction materials and clothes in Yerevan Vernissage soon. The Municipality of Yerevan has initiated to carry out modernization, regulation and improvement works there. During a public discussion 4 improvement projects where introduced. Responsibles for the project rep...
2016-04-19 11:13:01
3.1 Million AMD Credited to State Budget Due to Sanctions Imposed by Nature Prot...
The Nature Protection Ministry informs that from 11.04.2016–15.04.2016 the State Environmental Inspection detected violations during inspections it carried out, which resulted in drawing up 10 decisions on administrative fines in the amount of 730,000 AMD, while the total damage caused to environment was estimated in the a...
2016-04-19 10:44:45
Water Problem Brought Out Garni Residents to Street (video)
Garni-Yerevan road was closed again yesterday. On one side of the stones were Garni residents, on the other side - disgruntled drivers and police. The reason of the protest action is Kaghtsrashen gravity irrigation system construction, which is carried out at the expense of the Azat River.  
2016-04-14 11:22:02
Heavy Machinery was taken out of Azat Gorge
Heavy Machinery Taken out of Azat Gorge: Garni Residents Opened Highway. "People who live in Garni stood till the end, until the heavy machinery was taken out of Azat Gorge. Now the road is open again" - Levon Galstyan reported. Note that the Yerevan-Garni highway was closed for 9 hours.
2016-04-14 10:58:25
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